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    BSzili wrote:
    By the way, shame on you for betting on a certainty! :P

    Discussing a commercial product's viability and predicting release date 3 years ago had some people frothing at the mouth and in attack mode. People discussing it were called "apes" and other names. It was all pretty obvious to anyone employing critical thinking, but the rabid fanboys tried their best to shut it down. Those rabid fanboys have all quietly moved on one way or another. I'd say until next time, but I doubt there will be a next time. Looks like A-Eonkit will be dying on their own sword soon after swallowing a poison pill given to them by Hype. Hype is in death throes, doing desperation lawsuits and IP grabs. In the end likely only a wounded Cloanto will exist.

    My guess, but not making any bets at this point. Tabor was damn obvious though.
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