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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I wrote it as confirmation not in opposition to you

    You didn't confirm anything I wrote because I simply didn't write what you seem to think I wrote. Again for anybody with reading comprehension difficulties: I did not write about using WINE on or porting WINE to a future MorphOS/x64. I was merely mentioning WINE as an example to illustrate what type of software would be needed to run Linux/x64 software on a future MorphOS/x64.

    I half way understood what you meant, but the part I misunderstood was that you meant it for x64 Linux software compatibility, and not Windows software compatibility.

    I am probably way off base in thinking that a port of MorphOS to x64 will be more like a complete re-write, since the Dev. Team will be ditching all compatibility with the Amiga API (or ABI, I don't know which term is more correct). I see this as an opportunity to create something brand new, which only takes the best parts of our existing MorphOS for PPC, and removes all the bad stuff (as much as possible) from all previous OS ideas of the past and present.

    I mean if they are going to go through all the effort to create something basically brand new, with only bits and pieces from their older existing work, why not go "all out", and make MorphOS for x64 the greatest OS ever created. Something that everyone will want to use in the future. Something that is designed to make so much more sense than any existing Linux/Unix distro, MorphOS for x64 will attract many Linux developers to at least take a look at it, and as it grows, and gains enough new users, then we will see more new software written for, or ported to, MorphOS for x64.

    Surely there must be several things about all existing Linux/Unix distros, as well as Windows and MacOSX, that drive developers crazy, or at the least are a huge disappointment. If the MorphOS Dev. Team can create something new that removes as many of those "disappointments", and/or includes new features that make developing for MorphOS for x64 more desirable than all other alternatives, we will see an increase in users and programmers joining our tiny community. Of course it will take a lot of time and work, but stranger things have happened, so I'm not ruling out any possibilities for the future, until I see what the very talented guys on the MorphOS Dev. Team come up with.
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