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    amigadave wrote:
    The work that is currently being done on AmigaOS4.1FE video card drivers, funded by A-Eon, is very interesting, as a way to increase available memory footprint, by allowing the VRAM to be leveraged differently than has previously been used in Amiga-Like NG systems. Perhaps doing something similar with new video card drivers for MorphOS, could improve our web browsing experience, by lessening, or eliminating, low memory situations that can sometimes happen while web browsing, with multiple tabs open, on certain websites.

    To what point?

    a) put that extra RAM into the 31bit space
    -> pointless as most MorphOS-systems already fill that with actual RAM

    b) make it accessible as special RAM above 31(32)bit
    -> pointless for the topend desktops (G5 and X5000) as they can easily take several GB of RAM.
    -> totally pointless for lower desktop options (G4) as the HW is pretty much 32 bit itself.
    Would make very limited sense on PBs and MacMini as they only have 128(64)MB VRAM compared to 2(1)GB of RAM.
    Might be neat for those still running an EFIKA with a relative "big" GFX card.
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