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    Zylesea wrote:
    The Lack of Software is not that big issue as it may seem. Most important applications that Draw a lot of cpu Powerand hence, need to be run natively, are the browser, Video Player and other Media (high res Pics, pdfs), the usual programs for that Task are still supported and mostly done by Team members anyway. I have no doubt these will find their way quickly to MorphOS x64. Legacy 68k applications will run in uae. Sure, someone has to Port uae, but I don't think this will not come quickly as well. As a Bonus on x64 we will benefit from the highly optimized 68k jit. And nothing's going to stop us to include the ppc Emulation thee, too. Just like on winuae. And once MorphOS ppc is not the current dev branch, MorphOS Team could consider to provide a MorphOS Version for the uae ppc Emulator (and if they don't want to free it generally they may find a way to exclusively bind it to MorphOS x64-uae). Emulation is not the best of all Options but very handy to fill the void i the aftermath fro. The Isa Switch. X64 has the Raw Power to do Emulation conveniently enough.

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    You might be right, because I'm sure you use our current MorphOS3.9 on PPC for daily computing tasks, more often than I do, but I disagree with you on this topic. I don't think that being able to run old Amiga 68k software/games, or MorphOS PPC software/games faster, on the new MorphOS for x64, is as important as having better and newer software, written for, or ported to, the new OS. I don't think there are many existing MorphOS users who are dissatisfied with the speed and power we currently have available to us with a 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac, and most users are probably satisfied with 1.5GHz or faster G4 systems.

    I believe it is the limited amount of features and compatibility, and the small size of our compatible, modern, PPC drivers and software library (such as lack of a modern word processor/office suite, only being able to print Postscript converted pages, not having a fully featured and "up to date" web browser, not having the ability to stream audio or video content, USB3 & eSATA drivers, etc.), not the lack of CPU speed and power, that most MorphOS users want, or need.

    Of course, more speed and power are always beneficial and desirable, as they allow some demanding software to run faster/better, but MorphOS users currently have very little software which would benefit from more speed and power. Making MorphOS for x64 SMP capable and able to use multiple threads, while also providing memory protection, and continuing to improve 2D & 3D video card drivers, should give us all the power and speed we will need for many years to come.

    The work that is currently being done on AmigaOS4.1FE video card drivers, funded by A-Eon, is very interesting, as a way to increase available memory footprint, by allowing the VRAM to be leveraged differently than has previously been used in Amiga-Like NG systems. Perhaps doing something similar with new video card drivers for MorphOS, could improve our web browsing experience, by lessening, or eliminating, low memory situations that can sometimes happen while web browsing, with multiple tabs open, on certain websites.

    I admit that I am hoping that MorphOS for x64 is much more than a simple port of our existing MorphOS, with the removal of the limitations which were required to keep backward compatibility with Amiga 68k software. I see the switch from PPC to x64 and the step away from keeping compatibility with old Amiga software, as a huge opportunity to create something new and special. The MorphOS Dev. Team might not share my ambitious vision for the future of MorphOS for x64, as something that could be created on a clean slate, better than all OSes which have come before it.
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