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    amigadave schrieb:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> SMP support [...] isn't supposed to happen until the X64 transition

    > please explain the dependency.

    geit explained it 4½ years ago:

    Good explanation by geit.

    Since lack of software for the new x64 version of MorphOS is a big concern for all users, and the Dev. Team as well, is it reasonable to ask the Dev. Team if it would be possible to create one or more of the following things, which would help solve the lack of native software problem?

    1. if possible, create a "Trance" like translation layer, which allows MorphOS for x64 to run all, or most Linux x64 software, without any alteration.

    2. if #1 is not feasible, or desirable, create development tools that make porting x64 Linux software to the new MorphOS for x64 easy and quick.

    3. if neither #1, or #2 are feasible, or desirable, create MorphOS for x64 so that it can be run hosted, hiding the underlying Linux, or Windows host OS, but allowing host OS software to be run transparently from the Ambient desktop of MorphOS for x64, similar to how AEROS, AmiKit emulation and/or the A.L.I.C.E. laptop work, with the "Rabbit Hole".

    Which ever direction the MorphOS Dev. Team decides to go, I hope that they will collaborate with many third party programmers during the creation of MorphOS for x64, so that we will have dozens of quality software applications and a few games, which are ready to run on the new MorphOS for x64, at the time it is first released.

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    The Lack of Software is not that big issue as it may seem. Most important applications that Draw a lot of cpu Powerand hence, need to be run natively, are the browser, Video Player and other Media (high res Pics, pdfs), the usual programs for that Task are still supported and mostly done by Team members anyway. I have no doubt these will find their way quickly to MorphOS x64. Legacy 68k applications will run in uae. Sure, someone has to Port uae, but I don't think this will not come quickly as well. As a Bonus on x64 we will benefit from the highly optimized 68k jit. And nothing's going to stop us to include the ppc Emulation thee, too. Just like on winuae. And once MorphOS ppc is not the current dev branch, MorphOS Team could consider to provide a MorphOS Version for the uae ppc Emulator (and if they don't want to free it generally they may find a way to exclusively bind it to MorphOS x64-uae). Emulation is not the best of all Options but very handy to fill the void i the aftermath fro. The Isa Switch. X64 has the Raw Power to do Emulation conveniently enough.

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