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    Zylesea wrote:
    And I don't get tired to repeat the need for more raw power if MorphOS should get used as everyday machine.
    Today I had pretty hard times with pretty standard things: browsing a website (okay a JS JIT would improve things to some extend) - it was rather unusable (www.lumitronix.de) slow, slow slow and eventually I ran into a low RAM situation... Then I downloaded the current LED product catalogue from nichia.com - a pdf of 27MB size and loading the pages, well it took pretty serious time. All in all it was really an unpleasant experience and no fluent work flow was possible...

    Okay with a G5 instead of the G4 (Mac mini1.5GHz 1 GB) it would have been a bit better, maybe about twice the speed and the low RAM situation would have been avoided, but I need way more power. 10 times or so would be a good start. With x64 no prob, with ppc - rather impossible (a power9 may offer that, but well...).

    Until we have SMP support (and that isn't supposed to happen until the X64 transition), we will not have the most nd of power you are looking for (particularly if you are seriously looking for acten fold improvement).

    Although...with support for eight threads, if it had SMP support, the T2080 laptop being discussed would be about ten times more powerful. ;-)
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