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    Everblue wrote:
    What was the point in making super expensive machines like the X1000 and X5000, with hardware features which most probably will never be even supported by Amiga OS? They should have made more affordable machines from the start (ones that are compatible that is) and saved the extra money for software development. Just my two cents.

    Well, new custom hardware is expensive to create no matter how inexpensive the components are.
    That is illustrated by Tabor's price.
    For the added value, I'd pick an X1000 or X5000 over the A1222 any day.
    And when these boards were all created, you had a choice between the relatively powerful higher end chips and the low end e500V2 basedchips like the P1022, they middle ground T10xx series had not yet been introduced.

    Again, this all points to the well founded decision by the MorphOS development team to support Apple PPC hard, which can be had cheaply.
    And it reinforces the reasoning to migrate to X64.

    If T10xx (or a cheaper Power 9) based board had been introduced I might not feel this way, but...
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