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    amigadave wrote:

    I hope for A-Eon to have more success than my pessimistic prediction of the future sales, as I like having A-Eon around supporting many software projects, even if most of the software that is being monetarily supported by A-Eon, is for OS4 only. They have been a positive influence in our community since the creation of A-Eon, and Trevor has been a great supporter of the entire Amiga community, for a very long time.

    By choosing to go in one direction, you also choose *not* to go in some other direction

    Trevor may be an enthusiast with good intentions, but IMHO the X1000 and later was what finally killed off OS4 since it effectively prevented a fundamentally needed development in another direction, while effectively driving away the last community members sitting on the fence hoping for signs of a potential Amiga [OS4] future...
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