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    amigadave wrote:

    I don't remember the exact number of Tabor A1222 boards was supposed to have already been produced, or if the quantity quote by Trevor was only for the number of Tabor CPU's that were purchased, but IIRC, the number was 500, to 1,000.

    1000 boards, sitting on shelves since 2015.


    amigadave wrote:

    I believe that A-Eon is trying to fulfill a gap (seeming or otherwise), in the Amiga marketplace, by trying to produce a more affordable entry level, OS4 compatible system. If they can demonstrate the Tabor successfully running both, old 68k Amiga software/games, via emulation, and current PPC native OS4 software/games, at acceptable speeds, they might be successful in getting all of their Tabor boards/systems sold in a relatively short period of time. Only time will tell if their gamble has paid off.

    Regarding the price of the Tabor, while it’s obvious that it was always meant to be a ”more affordable” (relatively speaking) option, I don’t think it was ever meant to be *this* “affordable”. As soon as the discussion about its flaws reached a certain threshold, the discussed price tag quickly went downhill from “700-1000” EUR to “selling at loss”.

    Some observations about the Tabor price

    And my guess is that the potential market for OS4 HW isn’t today what it was a few years ago.

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