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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    > MorphOS x64 does not require a dedicated box.

    Depends on the definition of "dedicated box". MorphOS/x64 surely won't support the vast majority of x64 systems people happen to already own.

    Sure, but think of it from the other direction. Get a MorphOS x64 computer and have a rather current computer that runs Windows and the Linux64 of your choice.

    The ppc Macs don't offer that possibilty: outdated performance, outdated OS X and ppc Linux that doesn't receive the samelove Linux x64 is getting.

    So while you are having a hard time today if your prerequisite would be to use only one computer for all your needs including MorphOS, you will probably have much less trouble with the hypthetical MorphOS x64 available.

    Not that I necessarily want to reduce it all to one single machine, but reducing the required ammount of machines is rather not a disadvantage IMHO. But, well, MorphOS x64 is not there yet and next stop is 3.10 which also should breing a bit of new momentum to the MorphOS world.

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