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    koszer wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Pity its not a better system, as the cpu implemented forces me to conclude our current planned X64 transition makes more sense.

    We could match this price point with more powerful X64 hardware.

    Yes, we could. But I'm afraid the users that really wanted to try out MorphOS did that already. The entry cost is so low that literally nothing stands in your way if you only wish to.

    I agree that even if the Dev. Team changed their minds, and supported the Tabor in a future version of MorphOS, not many users would buy the Tabor with the primary reason being to run MorphOS on it.

    @Andreas Wolf,

    I used the wrong words to describe the most likely target market for the Tabor boards/systems. The largest remaining group of users are the users who currently, or formerly, run/ran, original 68k, and/or 68k + Phase5 PPC accelerated Amiga computers, who have an interest in running OS4, but have not yet purchased an OS4 compatible system, or accelerator, due to the high cost, or limited availability, of such systems. Some current and former OS4 users, who could not afford an X1000, or X5000 system, might upgrade, or replace faulty, or broken Eyetech AmigaOnes, or slow SAM440 systems.

    I believe that A-Eon is trying to fulfill a gap (seeming or otherwise), in the Amiga marketplace, by trying to produce a more affordable entry level, OS4 compatible system. If they can demonstrate the Tabor successfully running both, old 68k Amiga software/games, via emulation, and current PPC native OS4 software/games, at acceptable speeds, they might be successful in getting all of their Tabor boards/systems sold in a relatively short period of time. Only time will tell if their gamble has paid off.
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