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    koszer wrote:

    I'm sure that A-Eon will convince many OS4 users to purchase a Tabor

    I believe the plan is to convince as many non-OS4 users to purchase a Tabor as possible.


    I'm not sure that they will be able to sell out a stock of 1,000 boards, at something close to $350 to $550 US dollars, like they did, with the more expensive, but lower number of X1000 motherboards/systems, produced, which seemed to sell out rather quickly.

    Here, in Poland most people consider X1000/X5000 outrageously overpriced. On the other hand, quite-cheap-but-not-so-underpowered machine like Tabor might sell quite well. One user has made a poll and around 30-40 users declared interest if it fits in the promised price range. That would be several times more machines than all X5000's in our country.

    I don't get that.
    What would a non-OS4 user use a Tabor system for?
    Linux? It would under-perform cheaper solutions.

    And Tabor won't be supported by MorphOS.
    So considering what $400 would get you in terms of cheap X64 hardware this doesn't make sense to me.
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