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    jPV wrote:
    It's just huge amount of work for one or two users, and when the support is ready, these new boards are already out of stock... like with Sam. "We have new machines" with marginal small batch machines is kind of joke IMHO... but at least we can say that now with couple of boards, but is it worth to do again, especially with a board that has severe flaws?

    I don't remember the exact number of Tabor A1222 boards was supposed to have already been produced, or if the quantity quote by Trevor was only for the number of Tabor CPU's that were purchased, but IIRC, the number was 500, to 1,000. It might have been that Trevor and A-Eon got a big discount on buying the CPU, if he ordered 1,000 chips initially, but I am only guessing, as I can't remember the exact number (other than remembering that I thought the number was excessively high, for a system that was taking so long to release, and a price to performance ratio that might cause sales to be very limited, or at least slow).

    I'm sure someone here with a better memory than me, saw the same quote, and will post a link to it, or copy and paste the exact quote and number of CPU's purchased, or Tabor motherboards produced.

    I agree with the MorphOS Dev. Team's decision to NOT support the Tabor, for the reasons jPV stated in the above quote, plus probably many other valid reasons to NOT waste developer time, trying to support a limited supply (even if 1,000 is a rather large number), of non-standard, machines. I'm sure that A-Eon will convince many OS4 users to purchase a Tabor, but I'm not sure that they will be able to sell out a stock of 1,000 boards, at something close to $350 to $550 US dollars, like they did, with the more expensive, but lower number of X1000 motherboards/systems, produced, which seemed to sell out rather quickly.

    I hope for A-Eon to have more success than my pessimistic prediction of the future sales, as I like having A-Eon around supporting many software projects, even if most of the software that is being monetarily supported by A-Eon, is for OS4 only. They have been a positive influence in our community since the creation of A-Eon, and Trevor has been a great supporter of the entire Amiga community, for a very long time.

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