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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > compatibility issue between board firmware and graphics cards.

    An X1000 owner managed to boot his machine with a GCN4/Polaris card by altering the content of CFE's STARTUP variable to bypass the grapics card initialization:

    https://os4welt-de.translate.goog/viewtopic.php?t=2639&_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en (automatic Google translation)

    Dirty hack, hard to do. CFE is a bitch. Hypex made a great guide, earned rakija ;)

    Anyway, sold my x1000 to Kas1e if it helps some future MOS ports and backports.
    In midst of this madness :) Kudos to kas1e, big up myself :)

    My adds to how CFE is awful

    USB boot

    My line is for fat16 stick. Copy amigaboot.of there.

    Cfe sees just upper two USBs and maps them to kbd and mouse only. Once it's passed and Linux or os4 boot USB can be anywhere

    But for cfe boot, unplug Mouse and put stick there. Stop CFE boot with f, and then type menu and take usb boot. Works.


    Audio yes Lyle did driver on os4 depot and comes in oS4.1fe

    Linux only. Driver on os4.1 times out. I have lan and WI Fi cards that work on os4.1. wanted to send, you said bare board. Still can and want

    Buy Radeon V4 and enhancer2

    No 3d and hw 2d in Linux, openGl broken

    CD Boot

    Addendum: following the Ubuntu Aeon paid Linux layout, you could make a bat file and make other CDs install But due to leecheng most recent files I recommend running netinstalls. I recommend Ubuntu 14 Lts with Mate, but aeon team made some moronix, phoenix. Good old deb understands the cfe pain and in the end of install will give you proper boot cfe line, you need to enter on your own. Good luck and may Linux be with you Serbian ppc penguin

    Cfe can boot from first and third sata

    CFE and FS

    Contrary to claims cfe cannot take kernel or amigaboot.of from anything but ffs and fat16. That is why instead of card one should make small file holder partition and point CFE to it, Linux style. Fat32 maybe. This is overly complicating but I believe Hypex did help with boot manager that came too late for vox. But should be defaulted. Thanks man!


    Explain to him gfx card issue on soft reset due to cfe and x86 combo BIOS. Uboot have some compatibility layer. All this was reported by Hypex and me in fora and nobody gives q fuck

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