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    > A-Eon seems willing to eliminate the issue by updating the firmware as soon as
    > it is able to get hold of the source code. What I find strange though […] is that a
    > hardware company doesn't have the source code to the firmware for its own board.

    "in 2012, A-EON Technology Ltd paid a Hyperion contractor for the last CFE update to fix support for the Voodoo graphics cards and a few minor issues. […] When then RX compatiblity issue was first identified I asked for the source code to be returned and updated and was told that the source code was lost. It later transpired that the source code was not actually lost despite what I was told at the time. All along the former Hyperion management had the source code and after some persuasion handed it over to the ExecSG team, not A-EON. So the next step is for A-EON to retrieve the source to the Amiga Developer server and complete the work within the Amiga Developer Team."

    "The AmigaDeveloper Team do not have the CFE source code. If it is returned, we can take a look at updating it."

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