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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > [...] assuming that Polaris support will be released before or together with Tabor.


    Interestingly, the X1000 doesn't support GCN4/Polaris cards (needs CFE update for this).

    "The CFE source code/development was done prior to us getting involved. We are working to obtain the source code so we can update it for modern graphics cards."

    I am a little concerned about future support for any OS on the X1000, but can't blame Trevor much, as he did suggest to me that I wait for the X5000, before, or at the time I ordered my X1000. I think that support for AmigaOS4.1FE and any later versions, is questionable on any hardware, considering the current state of affairs at Hyperion, and the continuing (mis)management of the development by the primary stock holder's past, present, and likely to continue future decisions.

    I don't expect to ever see MorphOS running on the X1000, but that doesn't stop me from hoping that one or two MorphOS Dev. Team members port 3.11, or some future version to the X1000 (perhaps as a bounty???), in the future.
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