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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Uboot and Linux updates do come more frequent to X5000

    Indeed, I can't remember any U-Boot update for the X1000 ;-) Seriously, it's my impression that xeno74 seems to update Linux for the X1000 no less than he does for the X5000.

    There was only beta tester revision and then "final" CFE

    It seems to be easy to fix kernels. WHat I wonder is since GCC support PA Semi why knowledge of X1000 (and x5000) and patches were never upstreamed and became included in official distros and net distros - which would make life easy instead of DD hell and similar.

    Second, GNOME and much stuff cannot be used on SI cards, as well, unlike IBM POWER 9, chosen arch seems not to have support over Ubuntu 16?

    Even Linux situation is a bit dire when compared to e.g. ARM.

    > SAM460 driver for internal SATAs DMA was never done, and not intended to.

    This would have to be taken up with ACube or Hyperion, not A-Eon.

    In the blame circle area, I dont care anymore. They shift blame. End result is the same.

    > we were told cards are temporary meassure until OS 4.2 arrives

    They still are, I guess ;-) It would have been better to sell the system with a GbE card, but 100MbE should be enough for most uses, given the overall bad state of TCP/IP in Amiga-like operating systems.

    Now I can only wait for MorphOS to come one day as saviour :-)

    On TW: It was quite usable, playing You Tube and rendering pages faster and having higher HTML5 scores then Odyssey of those days. Too bad they snitched the money from community and left it in limbo and strange source code mess.
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