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    ASiegel wrote:

    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    TW was *never* that usable if you're honest about it, right?

    Even if it had been perfect in every way when it was first released, i.e. faster than Odyssey and rock stable on all hardware platforms, you would still be talking about a web browser that was first released in 2010, so 8 years ago, and which has not received any major engine updates since.

    If anybody is curious about what it feels like to browse today's web with a web browser as old as this, feel free to download Odyssey v1.11, which is about as old.

    Before the arrival of the newly released Odyssey v1.25, how many discussions have there been on MorphZone about Odyssey becoming too outdated and lacking compatibility? Well, those versions were released several years after 2010...

    And if anybody would like to know what a fully uptodate version of a Firefox derivative with truly impressive technical features such as a Javascript JIT compiler would be like on MorphOS or similar platforms, just run TenFourFox on MacOS PPC. The performance difference between this and Webkit-based browsers is quite striking (YouTube, etc). Tragically, not in a good way.

    While its performance is fine on fast modern systems, Firefox is simply not designed (anymore) to run well on 'low-end' hardware whereas Webkit is deployed on many millions of inexpensive entry-level smartphones, for instance.

    Blink/V8 is deployed on many millions of entry level smartphones. WebKit is deployed on high end Apple phones. ;)
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