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    > Uboot and Linux updates do come more frequent to X5000

    Indeed, I can't remember any U-Boot update for the X1000 ;-) Seriously, it's my impression that xeno74 seems to update Linux for the X1000 no less than he does for the X5000.

    > SAM460 driver for internal SATAs DMA was never done, and not intended to.

    This would have to be taken up with ACube or Hyperion, not A-Eon.

    > we were told cards are temporary meassure until OS 4.2 arrives

    They still are, I guess ;-) It would have been better to sell the system with a GbE card, but 100MbE should be enough for most uses, given the overall bad state of TCP/IP in Amiga-like operating systems.
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