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    > that doesnt see the USB ports without interruption, does corrupt the CF cards
    > if you writte new files to it, cannot really boot a device etc.

    This may all be true, yet constitutes abandoned CFE, not OS4.

    I ment that support and optimization to system is anandoned.
    For example, amigaboot.of like LILO loader could be made for Linux,
    instead they opted for painfull DDing.

    > There is no AOS/Linux Xorro tools,no second core support, no support
    > for 8GB RAM board can fit

    Same as on X5000, so no sign of particular X1000 abandonment.

    Surely, maybe its better to call it half-done, half-usable.

    But since Uboot and Linux updates do come more frequent to X5000, lets say its beginning of a bit ... Similarly SAM460 driver for internal SATAs DMA was never done, and not intended to.

    > PCI slot card is 10mbps while onboard is 100mbps.

    Onboard controller is GbE, and PCI slot card is 100MbE. You can simply use an OS4-supported GbE card in a PCI(e) slot, btw.

    Thanks for correction. Problem is it was sold as system where we were told cards are temporary meassure until OS 4.2 arrives

    >>> no OS 4.2)

    >> That's certainly not specific to X1000 users.

    Again, is as we have prepaid it and only ones to have attached license for free download. And its hard to find it now, machine was even announced with OS 4.2 at one point.

    > Same as with promised Timberwolf and Libre at time of x1000 launch.

    Timberwolf release was in time for the public X1000 launch, and original LibreOffice announcement was made at AmiWest following the public X1000 launch.

    ... yes and then I purchased it and got to have none (TW is no longer usable since FE and is left in quite crazy state)
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