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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > x1000 users are quite abandoned by OS4 (no CFE updates

    >Huh? That's like saying Pegasos users were abandoned by MorphOS because lack of SmartFirmware >updates.

    Well, they dont have buggy CFE that doesnt see the USB ports without interruption, does corrupt the CF cards if you writte new files to it, cannot really boot a device etc.


    > no newtork driver
    >...for on-board Ethernet. Nemo has slots for supported Ethernet cards.

    Well I do consider what is on Nemo board. Only sound, once core and SATA is supported. There is no AOS/Linux Xorro tools,no second core support, no support for 8GB RAM board can fit etc. And PCI slot card is 10mbps while onboard is 100mbps. Funniest thing is that even with driver OS4 could not handle 100 mbps.



    no OS 4.2)

    That's certainly not specific to X1000 users.

    Same as with promised Timberwolf and Libre at time of x1000 launch.
    Not a x1000 alone problem but affects is usability.

    While OS 4.2 is badly needed for Tabor and x5000 too, x1000 owners
    are the one prepaying it with the machine, and whereby manual clearly
    states we are entitled to free OS 4.2 copy and that included OS 4.1u5
    is provisional until then. Not to mention beside dual core, I do miss
    Gallium and CUPS. Meanwhile one had to buy FE and Enhancer to get some of
    OS 4.2 promised feats.

    And one has to remember Trevor was advertising
    it as "ideal OS4 machine"

    Obligement interview
    Prior to beginning the development,
    we assembled a hardware review team which
    included Hyperion and key AmigaOS 4 developers.

    After some intensive research and discussions,
    the team drew up a "wish list" specification
    for the ideal AmigaOS 4 computer.

    What is sad is that UEA JIT for x1000 proves even single core Pa6t
    can reach decent performance,
    but I dont "feel" it under OS 4.1.5/OS 4.1FEu1 Enhancer for x1000
    . Same goes for Linux where newer GCC has PA Semi support.
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