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    Acill wrote:
    My opinion is to support 1222 just because of it the lower cost entry point into NG platforms and they plan to make a lot of them once 4.1FE is available publicly for it. I dont like the biard much, but I do see a place for it. It would be silly not to support it just because of spite.

    I do understand opting for A1222 once its avail. It would be a low cost entry to MOS world too and a sound replacement for Efika, and Peg2 as well.

    However, as x1000 user ("an NG experiment") I would opt for x1000 support too. x1000 users are quite abandoned by OS4 (no CFE updates, no newtork driver, no OS 4.2), its powerful enough not to be replaced by x5000 (in fact Nemo board is quite expandable and Altivec saves the day). So I am sure x1000 owners would get MOS. And I would not need to find space for a PPC Mac :-)
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