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    > I'd assume A1222 owners would use video cards with [...] at least GCN

    That's a given as it must be GCN to be 3D-supported by OS4. I can even imagine that A1222 will be sold with GCN4 cards, assuming that Polaris support will be released before or together with Tabor.

    > I agree with you that we need to move to support GCN, for the low end boost.

    As you know, my reasoning in favour of GCN support has nothing to do with performance :-)

    > The problem that will pop up IS with video decoding.

    ...on OS4, yes.

    > like most of the low end Qorlq Socs, no AltiVec

    Actually, AltiVec is missing from all low-end, most mid-level and some high-end Power Architecture QorIQ SoCs.

    > Our G5s struggle with HD video.

    Depends on the actual HD resolution. At least 720p should always be fine on G5, even using only one core.

    > Full screen video at 1080P resolutions on an A1222 seems virtually impossible.

    Yes, with OS4 there's no way this can be done using a modern codec, no matter if played full screen or windowed.

    > UVD support? I wonder how well that is documented under Linux.

    I don't know, but Gallium3D seems to be a prerequisite for supporting UVD via VDPAU:

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