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    >I meant it the other way round, namely that he seems to think that there are GCN4/Polaris cards low-end enough to be a good fit for the P1022 so that the P1022 isn't (much of) a bottleneck for the graphics card.

    Yes. That's the better way of framing it.
    Honestly, were it not for the non-standard fpu, the e500v2 wouldn't be that bad.
    The integer performance of the A1222 should be better than previous AMCC based boards.

    But with our established based of dirt cheap G4 equipment, that fpu issue is a deal breaker.

    >This is assuming the resolution is below the resolution where the fill rate of the GPU is reached (otherwise the GPU becomes the bottleneck).

    Yes, that is the relevant qualifier, I'd assume A1222 owners would use video cards with relatively recently generation gpus (at least GCN).

    From what I've seen, there is enough of jump in performance at the bottom end for that resolution to be practical.
    That why I agree with you that we need to move to support GCN, for the low end boost.
    The jump from R5 230 to R5 240 is much bigger than the numerical change would seem to indicate.

    The problem that will pop up IS with video decoding. One core at 1.2 GHz without gpu assist and like most of the low end Qorlq Socs, no AltiVec? Our G5s struggle with HD video.

    Full screen video at 1080P resolutions on an A1222 seems virtually impossible.

    UVD support?

    I wonder how well that is documented under Linux.
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