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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> It definitely is in the reference manual and probably also in the data sheet

    > I'd didn't see that diagram anywhere else.

    Block diagrams alone aren't proper technical documentation anyway. Such things have to be (and surely are) properly documented in text form in the reference manual (and data sheet probably).
    Funnily, that P1022 SoC diagram is shown on the P1022DS board product page as board diagram. The real P1022DS board diagram is missing (that's why I linked it from another source above).

    > He seemed to think that some users would find the system more appropriate
    > for something like an R5 240.

    I read this comment he made regarding the use of GCN4/Polaris cards with A1222/Tabor:

    "Polaris cards cover the full range from low to high-end, just like their predecessors."

    Of course they do, its not like the A1222 is the only system that you could use a Polaris card in (and there are lower end cards), and if someone wants to pay as much for their video card as the do for their board, isn't that up to them?
    Rationality or economic sense never dictated anything in this community.
    I just don't think a P1022 will drive a high end card as well as a more powerful Soc.

    I'm pretty sure that contention is provable, but I don't know how you'd separate the performance improvement of the more capable, faster cpu, from the higher bandwidth interconnects provide by the Soc.

    If this is anything like other OS', as resolutions scale up, even with better video cards, the less competent processor is going to see diminishing returns.
    Better performance, but gains throttled by cpu limitations.

    At this point 1080P resolutions are kind of expected by the general public.
    How well do you think an A1222 will do at this resolution? No matter what you put in it.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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