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    >It definitely is in the reference manual and probably also in the data sheet

    I have access to those and can send you copies, I'd didn't see that diagram anywhere else.

    >> Even Han we Ruiter has admitted it's going to limit what cards the A1222
    >> will work well with.

    >You mean it will work worse with high-end cards than with low-end cards?

    I probably worded that less accurately than I should have. He seemed to think that some users would find the system more appropriate for something like an R5 240.

    I'm curious to find out how it will scale, under a more complex OS it wouldn't, but I would think that with the limited use of gpu hardware that Amiga like OS make that a faster gpu and memory would always be better.

    And the bandwidth limitations are the same for all cards.

    That slow a cpu combined with this bandwidth limitation would make higher end cards cpu limited under something like Windows.

    We won't really know how this hardware will perform until we see this hardware in the wild, but Hans did say he's not giving up his X1000.

    But my guess, an Rx550 or Rx560 might work, but something like an Rx580 would be a poorly thought out investment.

    You know, save the extra money, and buy a better system.

    All this just makes me more curious how a 11,2 G5 would perform.
    Better cpu, more PCI-E bandwidth, more efficient memory controller than an X5000 (let alone an A1222).

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