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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Yeah...the diagrams are confusing as one shows interconnections
    > between NIC, SATA, and PCI-E lanes.

    Confusingly, that is the one which helped me to understand what really happens in the P1022 and on A1222/Tabor with regards to the GbE NIC ;-)

    It's the one I referenced on the other websites, yeah.
    But you would think that they would have included the info in the technical documentation instead of a brief promo pdf.

    Still, 1000MBs is pretty underwhelming.
    The X5000 doubles that.

    Even Han we Ruiter has admitted it's going to limit what cards the A1222 will work well with.

    Then again, if they get drivers for the RX550, even if it's cpu limited, they will have a low power draw combo.

    Not that the X5000/20 draws that much more power, and an RX560 would work well with that.
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