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    Yeah...the diagrams are confusing as one shows interconnections between NIC, SATA, and PCI-E lanes.
    But that does seem to be the case, four Gen 1.0 PCI-E lanes to the A1222's video card slot.

    Which limits it to 1000 MBs, or less than half the bandwidth of AGP 8x.

    To put this in perspective, the X5000 has twice that bandwidth, or almost the same as AGP8x.

    Obviously our current G5's have AGP 8X's bandwidth.
    The 11,2 G5 has twice the bandwidth supplied to its video card slot than the X5000.

    Raptor Engineering's Talos II's video card slot, on the other hand, has slightly more than twenty-five times the bandwidth of the A1222 video card slot, and its spec exceeds the capabilities of current video cards.

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