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    >>>> What about the X5000's x4 slot (the one behind the PCIe-PCIe bridge)? Wouldn't a
    >>>> normal PCIe x16 card work in it? [...] Wouldn't a SATA3 card work full-speed in it,
    >>>> even if it was somehow limited to x2 speed by the bridge bottleneck?

    >>> X5000's x4 slot is blocked by any video card wider than single slot.

    >> So what? Single-slot graphics cards supported by OS4 are widely available,
    >> so this doesn't render my questions invalid.

    > I was not trying to render your question invalid .

    What were you trying to do then by giving that reply? Where's the connection to my specific questions?

    > 89H12NT12G2
    > https://www.idt.com/document/dst/89hpes12nt12g2-datasheet

    I already linked to the PCIe-PCIe bridge two weeks ago. Can you quote the information from the datasheet that answers my specific questions?

    > PI7C9X111SL
    > https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datasheets/PI7C9X111SL.pdf

    Again, what has the PCIe-PCI bridge to do with my questions?
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