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    I'd assume this is the PCI-E to PCI-E bridge, the link doesn't work for me, but you included the part number, so I'll find it. I figured it was an IDT component, so this confirms it (plenty of PCI-E to PCI bridge vendors, not so many for this type of component).


    PCI-E to PCI bridge, link works, got it. Thank you.

    Thanks for the component listing. I've been bouncing the idea of a PCI-E bridge chip off of Roberto Innocenti (from the T2080 laptop project), since I actually think its a smart move.

    Does Tabor use anything like this first bridge? I would certainly help, considering the limited number of SerDes lanes.

    In any case, for a technical junkie like myself, good stuff. Again, big thanks.

    Edit - Its better to provide the page where the download link (for the first component) is provided.


    Still, really f'ing neat stuff.
    Thanks Spectre.

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