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    >> In a PCIe-capable MorphOS machine, I would take a 3D-supported R500 card
    >> over any 2D-only supported higher card any day.

    > What makes you think we won't get 3D support above the R500s?

    Nothing. I just said I would always prefer an older and slower card with 3D support to a newer and faster card without 3D support. For instance, if PowerMac11,2 support was introduced soonish and 3D support wasn't extended since MorphOS 3.8 at that time, i.e. not available for anything newer than R500, I'd use that PowerMac11,2 with an R500 card instead of a newer card.

    > I'd assume 3D is a goal.

    Yes, of course it is. But judging by the really small list of things still lacking for a potential PowerMac11,2 port, I guess that *could* be released before 3D support for anything newer than R500 was finished.

    > 11.2 support ought to be pursued.

    Absolutely :-)
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