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    asrael22 wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Mmm, since they're almost ready, how about the X5000 port and the 11,2 port, and then let's hit the road running for X64 (Ryzen maybe).
    'Cause its not getting just crazy around here, its getting STUPID.
    And I have some tolerance for crazy, but stupid is just plain irritating.

    Yeah, I'd be for it.
    Just bought a 11,2.

    It takes some work to set it up for Linux.
    Your easiest course if you want AMD graphics is one of those Apple X1900GT everyone keeps saying aren't available (although on any given day I can usually find listings for two or three of them).

    If its the water cooled quad, get a t-handled hex wrench, pull them cpus and rebuild the cooler.
    If not you're probably good for another 12 years if you just blow out the dust. ;-)

    BTW - How much did it set you back?
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