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    Would it, as its multiplexed?
    I don't know, I'm not sure I'd want to see the benchmarks.

    BUT video cards work in the G5's X4 slots, so you have a point.
    And talking to guru Hans, I did confirm (from tolsm's own benchmarks no less) that the X5000's video drivers aren't using DMA yet (and they're still as good as the SAM460), so look for that situation to improve.
    Also, I'm convinced there's got to be a firmware issue behind the low memory benchmarks.

    BTW - Where'd you find the X1 video cards? The only X1 cards I've seen were AMD FirePro cards and similar designs primarily intended to increase the number of displays (a video card running through an X1 connection would definitely be crippled in performance).

    But yes, I've seen them too.

    I guess you could say anything with an extra PCI-E slot (even if its only X1) could handle an extra card.
    I'd just install a primary card that could support more monitors (like AMD's Eyefinity concept).

    BTW - I just did a quick comparison between the P1022 and the T1042's SerDes I/O lines.
    You know, even though the T1042 only has two more SerDes lines, its bus operating frequency (twice as high) gives it about 267% of the performance of the P1022?

    6 SerDes lanes at 2.5 GHz vs. the 20 lanes at 5 GHz of the P5040...buying Tabor is just not that great an idea.
    I mean, we're already arguing if the X5000 is I/O limited.

    Then again, the only thing that comes close to the 11,2 is Freescale's T4240RDB, since the T4240 has 32 SerDes lanes at 10 GHz.

    There are PPC processors that could be used to build a decent lineup for NG, the T1042 at the low end, T2080 for a mid-range model, and something from the T4 lineup (like the T4240) at the high end, OR even the Power9 (as in the TalosII). We've discussed these, I can accept the P50XXs in the X5000, and hope the T2080 laptop makes it.
    But a P1022 based board in 2018?

    Mmm, since they're almost ready, how about the X5000 port and the 11,2 port, and then let's hit the road running for X64 (Ryzen maybe).
    'Cause its not getting just crazy around here, its getting STUPID.
    And I have some tolerance for crazy, but stupid is just plain irritating.

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