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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the 11.2 G5 PowerMac Quad G5 [...] should have been supported instead of the X5000

    If potential support for PowerMac11,2 won't span over all models, I'd prefer the slower dual-core ones to the quad-core one, because I prefer air cooling over liquid cooling.

    > it will be able to take advantage of PCIe video cards which will already be
    > supported in MorphOS3.10.

    ...or have been supported since MorphOS 3.8 already, which added compatibility with Sam460 and Radeon R500 (2D+3D). In a PCIe-capable MorphOS machine, I would take a 3D-supported R500 card over any 2D-only supported higher card any day. But that's just me :-)

    What makes you think we won't get 3D support above the R500s?
    The R500 cards were the last to support 2D primatives.
    So all the 2D code Mark is creating currently uses 3D commands.
    And he has admitted that this will make writing the 3D part of the drivers easier.

    From that comment, I'd assume 3D is a goal.

    As to the 11,2, I want the 2.5 Quad, and yes support for air cooled model should be included as well for the timid (or in my mind, overly cautious, if that makes you feel better).
    Personally, I've never had a water cooler failure, but then I followed David's suggestion and rebuilt them on receiving them.

    I'd also have no problem installing a water cooler in an X64 system, and that is the likely route I will take for Ryzen.

    But, I'm glad to have one of the sharpest minds posting here on my side on this issue ;-), 11.2 support ought to be pursued.

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