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    Jim schrieb:

    As to Tabor, its NOT my 'cup of tea', but there's going to be a lot of them floating around, maybe we can lure a few users away from 'the dark side'. ;-)

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    i actually do understand your reasoning, but I guess it's easier to get more users by progressing the OS and its applications. MorphOS on ppc and 32 bit and so on is a dead end. I think we only have the option for hop or top. Let's do the inevitable step ASAP and offer a product that has significant added avlue compared to the competion (primarily, but not only, the other Amigaish systems).
    A MorphOS with SMP, 64 bit, 100% resource tracking, maybe MP and a few old things (AHI or so) updated, but still a kept MorphOS/Amiga identity. I really would love if this would go seamless, but it probably will not work. Hence, do the cut now. Yes, it's hurting, it's a sh*tload of work, but postponing the cut will not help - quite the contrary. And hence, don't waste develoipment time on supportimg more ppc hardware (G5 PCIE may be an exception since the port is progressed already and it's the final ppc deskop computer), but go for real progress.

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