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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    Zylesea schrieb:
    Who cares about efika? It's eol and not wide spread. It has been a fun Board in its time with a pretty good price, but today it's relevance is close to zero.

    Which was my point too. ;-)

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    In my entire time here, I've only been in contact with one Efika user, who has since moved on the a better system.
    At $100, the Efika was a pretty good bargain, but it didn't offer enough memory.
    These day its possible to find G5s for $100 (even the occasional 11,2 ;-) mine was CHEAPER than that).

    Btw - With the 11,2, you install an Apple video card that is compatible with open firmware in the X8 slot, and your better spec PC card in the X16 slot.
    If you really want to get tricky, you set up Linux to use only the higher end card, which you then connect to the DVI or HDMI connector of your monitor, then you connect the Apple card to your VGA (or other available connector).

    Viola, open firmware prompts until Linux initializes the PC card. Its a best of both worlds option.
    So, don't like not having access to open firmware if your using a PC video card?
    There are work-arounds.

    Under MorphOS (were it to be ported to the 11,2), the best Apple card would be something like the Nvidia 6600 (its cheap, and MorphOS won't touch it), then the primary card could be something like the Radeon HD 6750 I've previously mentioned. Again, firmware prompts and a Radeon HD display.

    As to Tabor, its NOT my 'cup of tea', but there's going to be a lot of them floating around, maybe we can lure a few users away from 'the dark side'. ;-)

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