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    >...or spend next to nothing for a used PPC Mac ;-)

    Well...my G5s have both cost me $30 and $50 respectively, and I did have to rebuild the cooling system ($5 for four o-rings and you only need two)...so its not nothing ;-), but it IS the best value I've ever had in computer hardware.

    And I've got this 11,2 sitting here humming away running Linux, which it does almost as well as my X64 hardware, which makes the arguments against porting MorphOS to these systems doubly frustrating because its 'low hanging fruit' and it would leap frog us over A-eon's offerings in performance and price (the highest price I've seen for an 11,2, which was completely refurbished, was $300, so we are talking about half the price of a Tabor board alone).

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