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    > When you compare the X1000 to the X5000, its actually got some advantages
    > (like a lot more PCI-E lanes and much higher video card bandwidth).

    ...and much better memory bandwidth, and AltiVec SIMD :-) And the PA6T's FPU might be stronger than the e5500's, at least per clock. The X5000 excels in integer performance. What else?

    > how many A500 and A600s were sold after the A1200 was introduced?

    At least the A500 (including ECS-based "Plus" model) was discontinued half a year before A1200 introduction.

    > people like us would prefer to spend a extra $1200 and get a system that
    > performs adequately.

    ...or spend next to nothing for a used PPC Mac ;-)
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