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    >I doubt it. Being an m68k-based OS, OS3.x uses the PPC CPU only as kind of co-processor through specially written software. Beside the crippled memory interface, there's a rather big speed penalty caused by context switches (cache flushes) whenever a PPC program goes through the m68k OS API.

    Good point, you'd need a native PPC OS to get any performance out of that.
    Under something like OS4 that A4000 might be interesting, especially with legacy code that hits real hardware locations instead of going through drivers.
    But that would make comparison with the Efika difficult as that would be running MorphOS, which doesn't support Amiga native graphics or sound.

    In either case, I'd miss my PowerMacs. ;-)

    And that would be an issue with Tabor as well.
    Outside of PCI-E video card support, it hasn't got much to offer.

    At 1200MHz, a top end G4 PowerMac will dust it.
    If Mark chooses to add AGP support to the R600 and R700 driver, even our older hardware will compare quite nicely to Aeon's lineup.

    This dissent about the 11,2 baffles me. 32 PCI-E lanes?
    Why aren't we on that like white on rice?
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