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    No David, you know I don't lump you in with the 'nuts'.
    You're here aren't you?

    So tell me, wouldn't you love to have MorphOS for your X1000?
    When you compare the X1000 to the X5000, its actually got some advantages (like a lot more PCI-E lanes and much higher video card bandwidth).

    Then there's the G5, which we both adopted pretty early, and I KNOW you supported (because shipping one all the way to Mark IS a little 'nutty', but I LOVE you for doing that, you're sentiments are right in line with mine - I have a limited income, but I'm going to do what I can to help this succeed).

    So tell me, if the PCI-E G5 was supported, wouldn't you go out and find one? I already have, the AGP G5 sold me on that idea, and the 11,2 is all the earlier G5s were, but BETTER.
    Imagine if you could install a Radeon HD 6000 series card in your current G5, because with an 11,2 you CAN.
    You can also install SATA3 controllers because the PCI-E slots have enough bandwidth to support this (PCI is too slow).

    And, um, ugh, Tabor...yeah, I find it a hard sell too, but I think the initial 1000 should be pretty easy to sell at $500. Amigans can be weird about pricing. After all, how many A500 and A600s were sold after the A1200 was introduced?

    Personally, if I'm going cheap, I still look for a good mid-point between price and performance.
    As an example, I kind of like AMD's RX560 video card, cheap but powerful enough.
    Same thing for most of the Ryzen cpu line, cheap but kickass.

    So, why not support the 11,2 G5? Really cheap. Faster than any X5000.

    And I'll probably buy an X5000/40 anyway, but I'm not really interested in Tabor.
    And I don't think most of our existing user base is interested in Tabor.

    I just know that they've got 1000 of these ready to sell, and they're not going to hold on to them.
    If the don't sell at $500, count on discounts.
    After all, its based on a processor that cost about $35.

    An the Amiga fanatic ARE going to buy it, because they don't understand why people like us would prefer to spend a extra $1200 and get a system that performs adequately.

    Anyway, I don't want to offend any of you, I'm just going on gut instinct here. And the salesman in me is telling me we are missing an opportunity.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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