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    Jim wrote:
    As to OS4 'nuts' that might like to use MorphOS, ask AmigaDave if he'd like the option on his X1000.

    Are you lumping me into the group of "OS4 'nuts' that might like to use MorphOS"???

    I can and do use MorphOS, and on a system much faster than my X1000, as I own a dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac (which you know about). ;-)

    As much as I appreciate your passion for MorphOS, and appreciate a bit less your passion for PPC, I think your logic on this argument is all fouled up, and I have to disagree. I would love to be able to run MorphOS on my X1000, but not if it took a single hour away from our transition to x64 hardware and an improved MorphOS with memory protection and true SMP.

    As for the Tabor, aka A1222, and the 1000 motherboards that A-Eon has sitting in storage (except for the 20+/- beta test boards currently in use), while I like to support Trevor and Matthew in their efforts to improve our community, I also have to disagree with your assessment of how well the A1222 will sell, and specially with your comparison of the Tabor to the Vampire products. They are apples and oranges and can't be compared, plus, most of the remaining "Classic" Amiga users are NOT interested in any NG options, and won't be buying an A1222, no matter what it's final selling price ends up being. The size of the NG community is tiny compared to the 68k Amiga community. This is something I did not realize until about a couple of years after becoming active again, and buying my first MorphOS system. I think the only chance A-Eon has of converting more of those 68k Amiga users into OS4 users, is to continue to refine and improve the "Run-In-UAE" functionality, so that running 68k Amiga software becomes fool proof and transparent to the user, and they actually get a more compatible system than any of the real original Amiga computers, or any of the FPGA alternatives. Even then, there will be a large part of the existing 68k Amiga community, who will never convert to any of the NG options.

    So, let's see how many of those 1,000 Tabor motherboards sell, and how quickly. Do you think that when they are finally released we will see sales numbers even 1/10th as fast as the sales of the Vampire v2? Personally, I don't think so, but for Trevor's and Matthew's sake, I hope enough of them sell to recoup most of their investment.
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