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    >Really? Powermac11,2 has one x16, one x8 and two x4 while the X1000 has one x16 (or two x8) and two x1.

    Good point, I'd forgotten about the X8 slot in the G5, God only know why, since its where I have my secondary video card (its useful to keep an Nvidia 6600 in that slot while running a Radeon HD in the primary slot so that you still have access to firmware).

    Point one to the G5, a few more PCI-E lanes than the X1000 (and a shitload more than the X5000).

    >> with trapping and FPU emulation, the A1222 would still be light years faster
    >> than the 400MHz cpu in the Efika.

    >...except for standard FPU code ;-)

    Do you really think emulated floating point code is going to slow a 1200MHz computer down below the performance of a 400MHz computer? I suppose it would depend on the balance of the instructions in the programs they were running, but in most cases I doubt the Efika would be anywhere near the A1222.

    >> the fastest of those [603/4e] was probably on par with the Efika
    >> (366MHz 604e vs 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200B).

    >...whereas the fastest stock PowerUP card as delivered by Phase 5 had only a 233 MHz 604e. Faster chips were put in place by 3rd parties on individual basis only years later.

    Yes, and we both know the curmudgeon that was foolish enough to sell his upgraded 366MHz 604e powered Amiga4000 for the funds to buy an X5000.
    Which do you think would be faster, an Efika or that 366MHz 604e power A4000? My guess is that with a PCI RTG card it would be the A4000, since a 604e is going to be faster than the 603e related processor in the Efika.

    Anyway, sure, the X5000 would perform better than the A4000, but a 366MHz A4000? Why would you ever sell that? Running OS3.1-3.9 it would actually be fast enough to compete with our slower offerings.

    Finally, can you offer anything to counter my economic argument?
    I think its the soundest part of what I've presented here.
    A thousand initial new potential users, with possibly thousands more in the years to come.

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