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    > the X1000 [has] [...] better PCI-E expansion capability than [...] the PCI-E G5.

    Really? Powermac11,2 has one x16, one x8 and two x4 while the X1000 has one x16 (or two x8) and two x1.

    > with trapping and FPU emulation, the A1222 would still be light years faster
    > than the 400MHz cpu in the Efika.

    ...except for standard FPU code ;-)

    > the fastest of those was probably on par with the Efika
    > (366MHz 604e vs 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200B?).

    ...whereas the fastest stock PowerUP card as delivered by Phase 5 had only a 233 MHz 604e. Faster chips were put in place by 3rd parties on individual basis only years later.
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