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    Well, I'm not sure the PCI-E G5 would be more than a few pizzas, little beer, and a couple of weekends work (I've exchanged e-mail with Mark when he's working on something...and frankly, he's freakin amazing).

    The X1000 is much more problematic as its based on old PA Semi stuff, so it might not be practical.

    Tabor, our developers either already have these or they could obtain them (probably without paying for them).
    Trevor's been pretty generous about that, and if not Aeon, I know some vendors that would consider it.

    Think about this objectively, in October 1000 new AmigaOne A1222 boards will be released to the community. And when those are sold, more will be produced. We already know there are X1000 owners that would have liked to have MorphOS as an option.
    So, if just 10% of Tabor buyers adopt MorphOS, that's 100 new users. Charge those users a $100 license fee, that $10,000 or more than twice what Bigfoot was paid for the G5 port.
    And that's just the customers for the first batch of Tabor boards.

    I think they'll sell more at a cost that's less than a third of what the X5000 costs.

    Say they sell 5000, that's not unreasonable considering how many Vampire boards have been sold (or considering how many more will be sold once the Vampire4 is released).
    At again a 10% MorphOS adoption rate and a $100 license fee, that is $50,000.

    Hey, I have about 200 college credits, 15 of those are in Economics alone. I have a BS in Business Management and I'm working on an MBA. I've been in retail management, and when I consider business opportunities, I always think about economic considerations, not what I want to do.

    And this looks like an opportunity.

    The X5000 will only bring us a few licensees.
    The PCI-E G5 might bring us a few more.
    But there's going to be a shit load of Tabor owners.

    You don't need five semesters of Economics to work this one out, its an real chance to sell some licenses.

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