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    Jim schrieb:

    As to OS4 'nuts' that might like to use MorphOS, ask AmigaDave if he'd like the option on his X1000.

    He has a MorphOS system already. Of course less boxes are a bonus (IMHO at least), but well, he knew that MorphOS will not support X1000 before purchase. And he wouldn't be an additional user, but only an additional registration.


    And do you think all those inquiries about MorphOS on the X5000 are just from our community, because I know they're not.
    Finally, would the availability of this support lessen our user base? Of course not. We will have an option for both X5000 models, so why not Tabor as well?
    We could offer the AmigaOne community an OS worth using.
    So, again, why not cover EVERYTHING from X1000 to Tabor?

    [ Edited by Jim 23.09.2017 - 16:47 ]

    Very simple anser: Because development resources are very limited and I _very much_ doubt spending these limited resources on supporting some obscure expensive (Tabor) or ├╝berexpensive EOL (X1000) hardware is actually somewhee in the reagion of the top 10 of all sane choices.
    If adding support costs one weekend, e few pizzas and a beer (or something the like), go on. But I very much and seriously doubt. Hence, I don't support this idea.

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