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    Zylesea wrote:
    Tabor is still way more expensive than buying a few ppc Apple computers off ebay.
    If support was costing close to no development resources - yeah , bring it on then.
    But actually I don't see much of a point in supporting more and more hardware instead of expanding he OS feature wiseor improving applications. Hardware is not our major limitation these days, but useful features and applications. And I actually doubt that many OS4 nuts will start using MorphOS on a regular basis (i.e. bcome paying users or new application developers or so).

    IMHO no priority for support of new ppc hardware, but roll out 3.10 ASAP and then focus on MorphOS NG on x64

    I understand the drive toward X64, believe me. I have an i7 laptop, an AMD AM3+ motherboard, and I'm considering an upgrade to an AM4 Ryzen system. X64 is powerful, available, and cheap.

    But we are getting an X5000 port, and I could see X1000 and A1222 users adopting MorphOS PPC.
    Its a better operating system than OS4.

    And many of us want the PCI-E G5 port released for general use (I'll buy a damned network card, honestly, that's not a problem).

    Further, I anticipate continuing to use MorphOS PPC even after an X64 shift, if only for nostalgia value (after all, I still use OS3.1 on an A2000, and that is WAY too uncompetitive).

    As to OS4 'nuts' that might like to use MorphOS, ask AmigaDave if he'd like the option on his X1000.
    And do you think all those inquiries about MorphOS on the X5000 are just from our community, because I know they're not.
    Finally, would the availability of this support lessen our user base? Of course not. We will have an option for both X5000 models, so why not Tabor as well?
    We could offer the AmigaOne community an OS worth using.
    So, again, why not cover EVERYTHING from X1000 to Tabor?

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