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    OK...this is absolutely going to get so negative feedback, particularly considering my oft stated opinion of Tabor (which is a bit of a 'turd sandwich', and not apologizing for the 'T' word).

    The X1000 was introduced when Ben Herman's was part of Aeon, but he isn't now. Nor would he stand to gain anything if our team was to extend support the the X1000.

    AND, its still a damned nice system, with better PCI-E expansion capability than either the X5000 OR the PCI-E G5.

    Then there's Tabor...yeah...its definitely got a poorly chosen cpu with e500v2 core and its non-standard FPU, but Aeon has 1000 of these already made and ready to sell (and plans to build thousands more), with a selling price of about $500.

    Between to two of these, that's almost two thousand Amiga platforms that could run MorphOS. With more A1222 depending on the success of that system.

    Look...I've already told Mark and Frank that I don't like Tabor, and that we probably shouldn't support it, but you know...I could be wrong (hey, it happens ;-) ).
    Its much faster than the Efika, and even if it had NO FPU, those instructions could be trapped and emulated.
    As it is, it has a crappy FPU, but with trapping and FPU emulation, the A1222 would still be light years faster than the 400MHz cpu in the Efika.

    Again, we'll have the argument about the number of systems being supported.
    We COULD just stop supporting the oldest, slowest hardware.
    After all, legacy systems with PPC accelerators are no longer supported, and the fastest of those was probably on par with the Efika (366MHz 604e vs 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200B?).

    Rethinking all my prior negative posts, supporting ALL Aeon platform makes sense to me.
    People like AmigaDave would get to use a better OS (one that I know at least David would prefer).
    And Tabor would offer a low cost NEW entry platform. Yeah, not ideal, but serviceable.
    Sure, a G4 PowerMac would make more sense, except it won't take PCI-E video cards, it isn't available new, and its an Apple (I for one, am not very fond of Apple, and I'm sure many other aren't as well).

    So, while I await X5000 support for 3.10, I thought I'd just throw this idea out.
    Some of you may think of it as just another brain fart on my part, but I think its worth consideration.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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