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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Vampire [...] can replace our current aging Amiga's with something that can take
    > over via emulation. [...] I still think the Vampire is a glorified UAE on real hardware.
    > Will I buy it? Heck yea, why not, but realistically, to [...] emulate 68k systems.

    I wouldn't call FPGA technology emulation. A configured FPGA uses real hardware logic gates, not different from an ASIC.

    I've had a debate about this because the Amiga-Future article in the issue 126 about the Vampire said exactly that. That it's an emulation of the CPU.
    I was thinking, too, that it is not an emulation.
    But a friend of mine who is a hardware specialist said, that when loading a CPU core into an FPGA you _could_ say that it's an emulation. In case of the Vampire however, a 68080 as ASIC or 'real' CPU doesn't exist, so it's no emulation.

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