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    So dear dave finally you found people pissed off by lack of MMU and FPU in vampire.

    After 10 years of lies and false promises gunnar von boehn has something which is as fast as 68060 50 MHz in integer operations, 20 times slower in float operations, and one and only thing in which vampire is better than more than 20 years old 68060 cards for amiga is 6 times faster RAM.

    Our community has cheap and compatible amiga solution since year 2000.
    It is uae with jit. In year 2000 on cheap pc on uae one can get 4 times better performance than 68060 50 MHz, and RAM as fast as vampire has today.
    gunnar von boehn promise revolution, but after all, what he has is shit 4 times slower than uae on cheap pc from year 2000.
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