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    ppcamiga1 wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    Really? What percent of Vampire owners are unsatisfied, and would prefer to have a refund of their money, instead of continuing to use their Vampire accelerator?

    Yes, amigadave you should search in unsatisfied vampire owners.
    Keywords are MMU, FPU.
    for example, google search:

    vampire mmu fpu site:www.amiga.org

    first hit, and you get thread with some pissed off vampire owners.

    amigadave you have to work on google search.

    Google search doesn't show me anything, except one or two links to Amiga.org, or EAB forum threads, so I read through a couple of threads there (which was all I could stomach), and found that there are 4 or maybe 5 people who are upset about the lack of an FPU, or the poor performance of the SoftFPU. Let's see, if you divide 4,000 by 4 one tenth of one percent. I think most companies would kill for any product that had such a low number of unsatisfied customers.

    If you have proof of more angry Vampire owners, then show me the links to where they are located. There might be another 4 or 5 that I don't know about, which might make the total two tenths of one percent.

    All your rants are such a joke, but you fail to see how few people really believe in what you are trying to convince all of us of.
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